Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Commemoration of the Day We Fight Back

It looks like security industry (and it's opposition) still didn't learn much from the events in the past.
Most of the security people in the field still tend to watch only the edge or ingress points of their defense perimeters.
Considering the facts that got published about Snowden or Manning case, only some are considering the internal attack vector. Despite all the statistics of it being the most probable case and with major impact, many security experts are avoiding this area.
I understand that it is difficult to get consensus about HR management and internal security measures, but this is the area that still needs some (if not most) attention. And not just from the point of security officer, but also from the management.

So despite all the disclosures about fancy gadgets, suppliers of intelligence agencies invented, HUMINT is still the most probable and valuable source (and attack vector)..
And the suggested countermeasures like encryption or non-standard OS still won't help in keeping things secret if the person working with the data decides to disclose it to unauthorized external party.

PS: As for agencies, instead of spending tax-money on developing and operating mass-surveillance tools (which also need lots of analysts to sift through the data), collecting HUMINT would provide more valuable and specific information about object of interest (and most probably before some incident).

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