Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Event management solution scaling - Practical example

As described in the previous blog post, every software; every server or every appliance has its limits.
Scaling beyond these limits is a task for an engineer to build something that can cope with the loads.
In theory one could adjust the open-source solution and live happily ever after, but in the real world.. well one has to deal with proprietary software or appliances and it's not easy to just migrate or replace it.

For such scenario, I've developed a small program called NFF that forwards the incoming traffic to several configured destinations. Currently it is built to listen on one port and forward it to several destinations, but with different configuration file it can run for several services (e.g. syslog; snmp-traps; netflow)

Note: in current version it only forwards the flows, but later on when protocol decoding is implemented, it would also be able to forward flows to specific destinations based on rules.

Integration would be done by installing this program on the same IP address that all systems send their logs/netflow/data to, and the appliance or software analyzing these would move to a new IP address.

In case the management decides to buy a bigger box or choose different supplier, this can be added to the distribution list during trial period in order to see if it fulfills the needs and expectations.

As I don't have a job where I could test this idea at scale, I hope some of you would provide me some feedback how well it can perform. I already have several ideas how to make it work faster..

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